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Eat Great Food. Help Great People.


Kyle's restaurant was inspired by our son Kyle who was born with special needs and enjoys eating great burgers, chicken and salads.  But most importantly, Kyle adores meeting new people.

As entrepreneurs, we wanted to create a business that could also help people with special needs reach their potential.


Which is why philanthropy and community service is baked into Kyle's Kitchen business model.


Every quarter we partner with organizations that support people with special needs.  In addition to donating a portion of our proceeds, Kyle's works to raise awareness of these great organizations within our community.

Eat Great Food. Help Great People.

Giving Back

It's our favorite ingredient

Kyle's Kitchen is a socially responsible business that supports organizations and initiatives dedicated to improving the lives of people with special needs living in our community.

Alpha is so much more than just  a great thrift shop

Kyle's Gives Back partners with Alpha for the 2022 Holidays

Those of us who have lived in the Santa Barbara and Goleta area for a while know how impactful Alpha Thrift Stores have been to our community.  

But did you know that Alpha Resource Center has been empowering individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities since 1953. 


From lifespan services and day programs to an amazing art studio, Alpha is still here for you today!

Alpha Resource Center has been empowering individuals with intellectual and developmental

Meet Grace

Kyle's Gives Back partners with GFF in Summer 2022

From overcoming her own daily challenges, to helping others with disabilities, Grace is one of the most inspirational people you've ever met!


Learn more about Grace, the Grace Fisher Foundation and ways you can support her as she helps brings the arts to kids of all abilities.

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$250,000 in donations and counting…

Kyle's Kitchen has donated over $250,000 to support special needs organizations and families throughout our community.


But we're never finished.


By having your next meal at Kyle's Kitchen you can help support and empower people with special needs and their families.  


Eat great food. Help great people.

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We've worked with over 30 great local special needs partners

These are amazing organizations who can use all of our ongoing support.  

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Winter 2022

PathPoint helps people with disabilities pursue their hopes and dreams through strengthening workplace abilities and life skills.

Kyle is now working alongside other disabled adults at Kyle's Kitchen, and together we are building a more inclusive gathering place.

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Gwendolyn's Playground

Gwendolyn Strong Foundation
Fall 2021

Gwendolyn's Playground will be the first all inclusive park in the Western US once completed. Kyle has teamed up with the local community to help raise $25,000 for this playground.  Let's make this happen!  

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Summer 2021

Eyeshine dreams of creating a better world for people with vision loss and other disabilities so that when our students participate in Eyeshine’s recreational and educational activities they learn how to acquire the skills and independence to share their talents and shine in the community.

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Feeding Kyle's Friends

During the 2020-21 Pandemic 

COVID-19 has taken its toll on everyone, but for families who have members with special needs, the challenges were even more difficult.

That's why, the help of our community, Kyle donated over 10,000 meals to special needs families during the pandemic.


Giving Back

Kyle's favorite ingredient.

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